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Skinome — A Fresh Start

Using education to create behavioural change

Skincare should be created for your skin, not the bathroom cabinet. Despite that, it’s more common than not that skincare products contain preservatives and additives to ensure they stay ’fresh’ far beyond their expiration date.
With Skinome’s mission of creating a fresh skincare revolution, Manifest created the campaign ’A Fresh Start’, making people think twice about their skincare routine and question why their products last a lifetime.

The Challenge

Help people to understand the concept of fridge-fresh skincare, and create a behavioural change where endless expiration dates are no longer acceptable

‘A fresh start’ shocked people into action - highlighting the preservatives lurking in most skincare products, encouraging people to adopt a fridge-fresh approach to their skin

The Approach 

Manifest developed a strategic framework that promoted the fundamentals of the natural skin system, which was translated into the unified campaign ’A Fresh Start’. Using the power of OOH Manifest created an outdoor activation, paired with a hero film, to capture peoples’ attention and make them question their current skincare routines. The activation was supported with a robust social strategy, an online competition and wheat-pasting.

Inside the fridge, our educational hero film played, encouraging people to think about their current skincare routine as well as a QR-code leading directly to an Instagram competition for digital engagement. The outdoor activation was supported with a robust social strategy and wheat-pasting.

The Reaction

The Manifest campaign, with the OOH activation, quite literally became the talk of the town. The digital channels activated drove huge engagement across social media with the target group becoming curious about Skinome and the concept of fresh skincare. At the end of the day, the campaign did not only drive traffic to the website, it became an indicator that a behavioural shift in beauty is on the rise.



Increased Share of Seach on ”Fresh Skincare” during the campaign period


Reach with press coverage and 5 founder interviews


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