— Work Hard & Be Nice to People. ❤️

That’s our only hard and fast rule in any of our studios. We’re always on the look out for fresh and inspiring talent, so even if you can’t find anything that suits you in our vacancies below, fire over your details anyway and we’ll be in touch.

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This is a place where people are able to do their best work, without being defined by one channel, one industry or one client.

From our bold culture of creativity and teamwork to our unique working practices and industry-leading benefits package, we want to make this the greatest place on Earth to work.

As a fundamental part of this, we strongly believe in the power of diversity, equality and inclusion to improve our organisation, our work and the legacy of our industry, which remains shamefully unrepresentative across the globe.

— Find your Balance

We have thrown out the rule book when it comes to corporate benefits and cultural governance. Instead we built a programme that helps support happiness at home and at work, and we call it Manifest Balance. Our benefits are not only incentives to join, but catalysts for lifestyle changes, support during the bad times and the good, and programmes designed to bring collective joy to the workplace.

Unlimited Vacation

We were one of the first organisations to introduce Unlimited Paid Vacation (yes, you read that right) and have seen the positive impact it’s had on our people, business and work.


Every year we bring together our entire global team in one location to discuss the future of our business. As well as talks & workshops, we make sure there’s time for everyone to meet others from different studios, soak up the local culture and take a break from the everyday.

Life Change Bursary

From parental bereavement, to personal trauma, there are times people are unable to work for a large period of time unexpectedly. The bursary is here for those moments.

Hustle Fund

We’ve always welcomed the opportunity to support side-hustles — from acting to painting, street food to yoga instructing — and the Hustle Fund is an annual investment available to employees to help finance and support those interests.

F*ck Off Grant

Starting a new role is daunting and you can never be sure if it will work out. That’s why we offer all new starters £1000 to leave during their probation period. If they don’t, they nominate the Manifestee that made them feel the most welcome, and the money goes to them.

Studio Exchange

We want to give all of our staff the opportunity to work in all of our studios. The Manifest Studio Exchange gives everyone the opportunity to do just that. It’s like The Holiday but with less Jude Law.