Straws that don’t suck

Creating a sustainable
straw brand that
doesn’t suck


Plastic Straws are destroying the environment & harming marine wildlife — Swedish Entrepreneur Eyoel Lundberg came to Manifest with a solution, a 100% natural, bio-degradable reed straw, grown in Sweden, but needed a name and his purpose articulating in a way only Manifest could.

What we delivered:
BrandManifesto, visual identity, brand guidelines, tone of voice

We struck upon the name ‘Raws’ due to its play on the material it was made for but also as it was literally in the word ‘straws’ itself.

From there we created a brand manifesto that gave a big, Swedish ‘shut the fuck up’ to plastic, a bright & playful visual identity and tone of voice that doesn’t ‘plastic coat’ the facts about single-use plastic.

Raws is a brand that definitely doesn’t suck.

Raws is one of Manifest’s Make ventures. Collaborating with partners and clients, Make is where we build brands from scratch as joint projects. Find out more here.


Brand Identity of the Year

Shortlisted — The Drum Design Awards

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