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Top 10 Germiest Hotspots in The Office Revealed by Lysol® Pro Solutions

Helping businesses to protect their spaces from the spread of germs

Reckitt approached Manifest to unlock the potential of its newly formed b2b offering - Lysol Pro Solutions - the sister of the #1 trusted disinfection brand*, Lysol. 
The aim was simple: leverage Reckitt’s deep science expertise to help all types of businesses across the country protect their customers and staff from illness-causing germs.

The Challenge

Establish Lysol Pro Solutions as the hygiene thought leader in the professional space. Over the course of a now three-year collaboration, we have responded to this challenge with activations such as the announcement of significant partnerships with companies such as Hilton, Delta and Major League Baseball; the creation of protection guidance covering COVID-19, norovirus, monkeypox and other emerging viruses, and rigorous thought leadership pieces, webinars and press stories.

Science-led thought leadership to establish Lysol Pro Solutions as the authority on B2B hygiene.

Over the past three years, we’ve worked with Lysol Pro Solutions’ R&D team to reveal the germ risks in various different business environments.

In 2021, the team tested surfaces in planes and hotels, revealing the most contaminated germ hotspots ahead of the busiest summer travel season since before the start of the pandemic. Sure, many of us would expect surfaces such as toilet handles and bathroom doors to harbor germs – but the analysis found a number of hidden dangers such as TV remotes in hotel rooms, elevator buttons and luggage carts in hotel common areas, and plane seatbelt buckles. The results were coupled with expert advice to help hospitality and transport businesses protect their customers and staff.

In 2022 – as America ushered in the new era of hybrid and flexible working following the pandemic, we revealed the top 10 germiest surfaces in the workplace – including elevator buttons, refrigerator doors, and keyboards. The research was conducted by Lysol Pro Solutions’ scientists in a real-world office, using powder that illuminates under UV light to replicate the spread of germs. The results were caught on camera to help office facility managers better understand the germ threats in their workplaces.

The Results

Hotels and planes germ hotspots:

  • 4.5 billion impressions
  • 375 pieces of coverage
  • Hits in titles like Frommer’s Travel, MSN and Smarter Travel

Office germs hotspots:

  • 14 TV interviews and 5 radio interviews with stations across the U.S.
  • Blanket coverage across the US hygiene and cleaning trade press
  • Office germ hotspot video distributed to key end user customers and distributors


*Among those who expressed a preference in a nationwide October 2021 consumer preference survey statistically significant at the 95th percentile. Suzy, Oct. 2021.



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