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Providing a platform for independent filmmakers

As part of Bulleit Frontier Whiskey's ongoing partnership with Tribeca Festival and its sponsorship of the Best New Director Award, the brand bought full-page ads in multiple New York titles, amplifying the work of Tribeca’s First Time Filmmakers.
These ads ran in AMNY Metro, Brooklyn Courier South. Brooklyn Courier North, Queens Courier. Queens Times Ledger and Bronx Times prior to Bulleit’s ‘The New New York’ event where filmmakers were being celebrated.

The Challenge

How can Bulleit Frontier Whiskey support first time filmmakers during Tribeca Festival.

Bulleit handed over its ad space to First Time Filmmakers - supercharging their profiles ahead of the Tribeca Festival

Our Approach

Bulleit recognized that one of the biggest challenges for these filmmakers is awareness. In the latest manifestation of its Bulleit Pioneer Project which amplifies those on the frontier of culture, the brand handed over its ad space to up and coming film makers to help them reach new audiences.

Each full-page ad included a profile on the filmmakers, with their bios, a synopsis of their film and life as an independent filmmaker, and what they love about New York City.

The Reaction

The ad campaign were published across eight publications, giving each filmmaker increased visibility during Tribeca Festival which is a crucial time for their films to be picked up for distribution.



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