Creating a sex toy brand for the people

Because every one deserves
to have good sex on their own terms


Manifest reached out to Vuxen during the summer of 2020. We saw a huge potential in taking the brand from being ’just another sex toy brand’ to becoming a thought leader within the sexuality and sexual health space.

When we started talking to Vuxen we quickly realized that they were well established and already a household name, but were lacking when it came to everything having that had to do with branding and visual identity. Internally, we could identify a lot of values in the brand, but none of those came through externally in their communications. We clearly saw that they needed us to define the bigger reason to their existence and make them a brand for the people.

What we delivered:

Brand Strategy, tone of voice, visual identity, strategic framework, creative comms platform and content creation.

The Makeover

As soon as we had the strategy and a new visual identity in place, we started to implement everything that was the ’new Vuxen’ onto their website and social media profiles. We went from being just about the sex toys to focus more on the humans using them and how, with a huge appreciation for different bodies, sexual identities, background and sexual preferences. Sex is for all – and always on your own terms. It was and is, time to break the stigma around sexual relations.

Brand Strategy

We wanted Vuxen to become a brand like no other, and that is what we created. A sex toy company that had the peoples best interest at heart — who clearly took a stand, had a strong social responsibility and that was ready to pick up the gloves and take the fight against bad (and harmful) sex. The first sex toy store brand that not only stands for something, but that stands up for its cause.

Creative Comms Platform

Once we had the strategy in place and our brand essence became clear, we needed to create a creative comms platform to make sure that all communications from Vuxen would evolve from the same DNA and heartbeat, regardless of what campaign we deliver or which channel we use.

Based on our insight work leading up to the strategic framework, we developed an internal creative comms platform that showed up for everyone who’s ever been curious to explore their own sexuality. Vuxen became more than another online sex toy store, they became a life long partner — everyone’s biggest supporter — someone who encourages people to explore their own sexuality and do their own thing. In the words of RuPaul — You do you.

Visual Identity

When we started discussing Vuxen’s visual identity, they told us they could do with an injection of life. We responded by creating a vibrant, inclusive and positive brand playbook. To accentuate an already powerful name, we heroed the V as their new logo, added a striking primary colour palette and fleshed out Vuxen’s naturally open and inclusive personality with playful lifestyle photography and video content.

With a renewed energy, Vuxen has now happily applied the revitalized brand to their website, online advertising, social media, OOH campaigns and TV ads.

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