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Tommee Tippee — The Boob Life

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Tommee Tippee — The Boob Life

Breaking down stigmas through creativity

Breastfeeding and infant feeding is misrepresented and misunderstood in society, shrouded in stigma and sexualized in the media. This narrative affects 93% of mothers’ mental health and 94% of mums feel that breastfeeding should be more openly and honestly spoken about.
Manifest’s #TheBoobLife for Tommee Tippee disrupted how the parenting category speaks to women, broke down deeply entrenched stigmas surrounding infant feeding, and lobbied Facebook to remove its ban on showing breastfeeding – all through one unified global campaign.

The Challenge

Globally launch two new breastfeeding product innovations while at the same time building brand love and cultural relevance

We took a product focused brief and turned it into a unified global brand campaign that broke down breastfeeding stigmas, allowed parents to participate in a global movement and empowered mums all over the world.

Our Approach

Manifest developed a unified multi-channel campaign including a hero film, content series and brand playbook to unify all content.

Manifest produced a raw, honest, celebratory film featuring real Mums, alongside a digital content series Spill the Milk, that destigmatized feeding and brought The Boob Life movement to the world.

The Reaction

The Manifest campaign content was banned by advertising bodies & Facebook for “nudity,” starting a global conversation on the controversial policies that censor breastfeeding.

The campaign didn’t just spark sales, it sparked a global movement, with thousands of parents participating in a discussion that help to shift stigma and taboo in a way that made mums feel empowered.



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Facebook BLOCKS baby bottle company Tommee Tippee's new breastfeeding advert for showing nudity

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This Tommee Tippee Ad is a glorious celebration of breastfeeding (pump and leaking included)

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