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Changing the world with Crayola

What if we


A year ago, a brief for the most exciting footwear collab landed in our inbox. Native Shoes, the sustainable footwear brand that the country grew up wearing, was to unite with global cult creative brand, Crayola.

The iconic powerhouses were coming together to launch a line of kids and adult footwear that boasted bright colors, bold prints and a heap of positive energy.

Our brief was no small feat. Conceptualize and create all of the marketing content that would launch this collaboration into the world. Bring to life the values of both brands, showcase the footwear in all its glory and create a moment in time that would drive community participation.


2020 was a trying year for all – one filled with loss and sadness and frustration and friction. But there were also positives learned. In understanding how closely we’re all connected, people and countries came together to fight a common cause; there became a renewed interest in protecting the world and an increased openness and acceptance of others.

This willingness to make the world a better place for today and for future generations became the jump-off point for our campaign. If 2020 proved anything, it’s that mankind has the power to change the world. 

But world-changing ideas don’t have to be born in the boardroom. Sometimes they’re made at the kitchen table over coffee or cocktails. Or while sitting on a park bench watching the kids playing. Or in the shower. Or lying in bed late at night.

Game-changing concepts are not just reserved for CEOs and entrepreneurs. In fact, we believe that every one of us is sat on a gem of an idea, waiting to be unleashed. And so we built #WhatIfWeCreated to give kids across the country the chance to let their big ideas for a better world, shine.

What we did:

We teamed up with Brooklyn-based artist, designer and educator, Mason Eve, to create a series of huge murals that used the power of a paint brush to bring to life visions on how the world could be changed for better. Working alongside kids, families and couples, Mason’s humongous pieces of art covered topics such as recycling, equality and nature. 

The creative process came to life in a series of short videos and stills that told the story of #WhatIfWeCreated and urged others to get involved. Campaign content was distributed to retail partners such as Zappos, and became the lead creative for the Native Shoes’ website and was utilized across both Native Shoes and Crayola’s social channels. 

Influencers set off the #WhatIfWeCreated hashtag to share what they would do to make the world better and encourage others to come forward to share their bold thinking.

Hundreds of kids from across the U.S. and Canada shared ideas on how they’d make the world better, with ideas spanning everything from recycling and space travel, the park restoration and protection of animals. The winning entrant not only had their big idea turned into an original piece of artwork by Mason Eve, but also had a donation made to an organization that focused on their area of change.

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