The HUMEN Series

It’s time to open up
about what it takes
to be human


HUMEN is changing the face of what it means to be a man and through The HUMEN Space, is leading a movement to improve and maintain men’s mental health.

Manifest’s production team, The O Collective, were brought in to create a series of digital advertisements to promote The HUMEN Series — a five-part documentary focussing on men from all walks of life vulnerably sharing stories about the ups and downs of life, loss, fear and ultimately, what it means to be human.

The ads, featuring well-known celebrities such as Alan Carr, Bill Nighy and Andrew Scott were shown across London’s Underground network over the course of 6 weeks, spotlighting a specific episode each week.

A lot of messaging about mental health revolves around talking about problems so we wanted to elevate this messaging as HUMEN believes that sometimes just talking isn’t enough. Sometimes we need to find a space where we’re comfortable enough to start a dialogue about mental health before we reach breaking point.

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