Tommee Tippee
The Boob Life

Breaking down stigmas
through creativity


Breastfeeding and infant feeding is misrepresented and misunderstood in society, shrouded in stigma and sexualized in the media. This narrative affects 93% of mothers’ mental health and 94% of mums feel that breastfeeding should be more openly and honestly spoken about.

Manifest’s #TheBoobLife for Tommee Tippee disrupted how the parenting category speaks to women, broke down deeply entrenched stigmas surrounding infant feeding, and lobbied Facebook to remove its ban on showing breastfeeding – all through one unified global campaign.

The Brief

Globally launch two new breastfeeding product innovations, Made for Me Breast Pads and Double Electric Pump, raising brand awareness and building brand love, as well as positively disrupting how the parenting category speaks to mums.

The Insight

We spoke to 750 new, first-time mums across the world. They felt the category was tired. Exhausted even. Always putting baby’s needs first. Often disregarding the ‘new mum’ experience altogether.

  • 9 / 10 felt breastfeeding needed to be spoken about more openly and honestly
  • 50% said their mental health had been negatively impacted by the social stigma of breastfeeding
  • They felt “judged, pressured & unsupported”

The Strategy

In a category that has always put baby’s needs over mum’s, we shaped our comms strategy around hers, so we could have a positive impact on her life. The campaign was driven out of in-depth qualitative and quantitative research with over 750 new first-time mums across the world. We listened to them and found out that 9 in 10 feel breastfeeding is underacknowledged and needs to be spoken about more openly and honestly.

The impact of breastfeeding being stigmatized by society is that women feel judged, pressured and unsupported when it comes to breastfeeding. Over half said their mental health had been negatively impacted. It was a no-brainer, we had to change the status quo and open up more honest conversations about breastfeeding, demystify breastfeeding realities by being real in the process, and empower women to feel confident to feed their way by showcasing a diverse spectrum of feeding experiences.

The Boob Life, a battle cry for women everywhere, was born.

The Delivery

A raw, honest and celebratory film featuring real mums feeding by bottle, breast and pump, brought The Boob Life movement to the world. It unapologetically shows lactating, swelling and sore boobs, and follows the diverse feeding realities of nine women, one with a mastectomy, and one feeding twins. It’s loud. It’s proud.

Accompanying this, a six-part digital content series called Spill the Milk, which shares feeding honest stories in more depth across different topics that women are too commonly kept in the dark about; milk supply, latching and pumping.

The multi-channel campaign, which was banned by advertising bodies and Facebook, for ‘nudity’ and ‘showing breastfeeding,’ was created from one central idea and rolled out channel agnostically.

The amplification strategy spanned PR, Social Media (Paid and Organic), Influencer, Pre-Rolls, Digital Display, Email, PPC and strategic media Partnerships, and further storytelling was hosted on a dedicated campaign landing page.

We created a global toolkit for markets across the world activated the campaign, nuancing the content and media plans for their local audiences.

The Results

#thebooblife has only just launched but has already seen a huge surge of coverage across the globe – over 150 message-rich feature pieces with the likes of Marie Claire, Grazia, Glamour, Mail Online, Mirror Online, Mamamia, The New York Times and Mother & Baby, as well as a long segment on ITV London.

The campaign also landed multiple ‘campaign of the day/week hits’ in marketing titles, with brand and agency spokesperson interviews taking place as we speak. Cut-through with AdWeek, Campaign, The Drum, AdAge, PR Week and Contagious. In the UK, social media engagement is up for the brand by over 400% and celebrities including Laura Whitmore, Frankie Bridge and Rose Ramsey have all shared the campaign voicing their support of The Boob Life.

Moreover, we have started a public conversation around the controversial policies of advertising bodies in the three lead markets, USA, UK and Australia cited the film as ‘indecent due to adult content and excess nudity.’

Hot off social media, Facebook is talking to Tommee Tippee about waiving the ban, so the campaign will have achieved a momentous breakthrough if this goes through.

The fact that it is 2021 and advertisers are still calling breastfeeding women inappropriate is a worrying indicator of how we are treating mums and we are so pleased to see so many people get behind the uncensored film organically so that it can be shared far and wide across the globe.


Produced by: The Gate Films

Director: Fiona Burgess

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