Samsung KX

Putting Samsung KX
on the map with a
community-first influencer campaign


Samsung was looking for an influencer programme that would ultimately drive footfall. To launch their new premium brand experience space, Samsung KX – London’s new home of culture and innovation, in the heart of King’s Cross.

As part of the redevelopment of Coal Drops Yard the campaign had to feel both tailored to the local community but also exciting enough to attract new visitors across London and the UK.

We set our sights on challenging the negativity around influencer marketing and pushing this brief beyond just promoting Samsung KX. We created a strategy that first and foremost, cared about the local community and then employed our influencers build creative ways to help them.

We launched an influencer programme with an industry-first: pairing two influencers from completely different worlds and empowering them to work on a project inspired by the local insight. Our collaborators were paired together to give juxtaposing views on the project, and bring together two people from two different worlds, who would not normally have met, let alone worked together.

Influencers then hosted events at Samsung KX showcasing their creative solutions, inviting their fans to attend and get involved in their projects.

To combat influencer trust being at an all-time low and also make the campaign feel embedded in the local community, we created the Co–Lab at Samsung KX. We wanted to mirror the important cultural role that King’s Cross has played in London and within the UK.

We also took into consideration conversations around the gentrification of Coals Drop Yard. We had no option but to bold and take risks in how we engaged our influencers.



Aligning with Samsung’s brand POV to “Do What You Can’t”, we cast influencers who wouldn’t call themselves influencers. Including Akala – a spoken word-artist, illustrators, a psychologist, an entrepreneur, a DJ and the Kings Cross Steelers – the world’s first gay rugby club. To make the campaign feel authentic, we only worked with talent who legitimately had a connection back to the King’s Cross community in some way.

We paired influencers together across a set of five Co–Labs, in four months. Each pair was given a specific challenge to solve that related directly to the local community, with a creative solution that was powered by Samsung. Influencers then showcased their projects in a series of events they hosted.

Together, we introduced London to Samsung KX, over-delivering on our footfall target by 72% with over 1,500 visitors. The dwell time of visitors was extremely high, with the majority of attendees staying after the events had finished, some visitors stayed for two hours. The Co–Labs got them excited and they actively asked how they take part further.

Influencers were the driving force in a long-term positive social impact for the local King’s Cross community; coming together, collaborating & creating new work and the events brought in two different audiences under one roof with the topics of their Co–Labs resonated creating meaningful, quality interactions.

Ultimately, we had been part of a shift in attitudes and helped our audience to grow as individuals, a community and a city.


Total footfall, 72% over-target
Events in 4 months
Individual people reached through influencer content
Influencers engaged
Engagement rate on influencer posts
Questions asked
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