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Giving New Yorkers
a time-out with Shine


Manifest worked with Shine to launch its new iOS app, with the mission of bringing a modern wellness ritual to stressed out millennials. It’s since become one of the best in self-care, as ranked by Apple.

To help create “mindful moments”, Manifest placed iconic yellow “time out” benches in some of the most stressful environments in New York City, offering busy commuters and tourists the chance to take some time for themselves, and sample the Shine app content for free through its built-in digital display and headphones.

The juxtaposition of the bright yellow, welcoming benches up against the dreary New York Cityscape was compelling enough to land the front page cover of Metro US, as well as numerous titles including Fast Company, am New York, PSFK and more.

Building the brand

Before launching, we embarked on Manifest’s BrandManifesto process – where we set out to rebuild the Shine brand to be ready for an app launch. Our branding exercise involved delving into the company and its team members to uncover what’s at the heart of Shine’s brand. This resulted in a brand book that revealed the company’s ambitious mission. As part of the BrandManifesto, we created a fresh visual pallet, tone of voice guidelines and worked with their design team to refine their logo.

Let it Shine

Ahead of the launch, we conducted outreach to top tier media outlets to secure press appointments for key journalists to come interview Shine’s co-founders on the yellow bench, with a built-in display featuring the app.

The day of launch, reporters and those passing by were able to experience the bench and physical manifestation of the app, enjoying coffee from custom cups complete with Shine’s logo and quips of wisdom.


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