Make Earth Great Again

Tackling the subject
of climate change
with a 7ft replica
polar bear full of beer


After launching the brand’s first-ever protest beer against Vladimir Putin’s stance on the LGBT community with ‘Hello My Name Is Vladimir’ in collaboration with Stonewall ahead of the 2014 Winter Olympics; Manifest and BrewDog were back in 2017 plotting its second-ever protest beer, and our second campaign against the newly appointed President; Donald Trump.

Our ongoing creative platform ‘Now. Beer. This.’ was created to give the brand a viewpoint on some of the world’s biggest global issues. BrewDog isn’t a brand that can sit back and watch as the world goes about its business, it should have a viewpoint and be fervent about it.

On the June 1, United States President Donald Trump announced that the U.S. would cease all participation in the 2015 Paris Agreement on climate change mitigation and from that, Make Earth Great Again was born. This would be a bottle (and a beer) with a message and we would send it directly to the White House to stand up for our planet’s future.

Message on a bottle

Working with BrewDog’s graphic team and designers The Red Dress, we collaboratively proposed a bold design to illustrate the problem the world was facing. The futuristic label felt a world apart from the traditional bottle label with a horrifying giant, robotic Trump fighting a polar bear.

The final product was a Saison-style beer with ingredients including arctic water from ice caps and cloudberries and was fermented at a higher temperature than any other beer style – an appropriate nod at the effects of global warming.

The bear-tap

We weren’t quite finished, there was one more surprise, a life-size polar bear made from scratch! Mirroring the bottle design, the six-foot “novelty bear tap” – allowed customers to try the new beer direct from its mouth – and, would take pride of place in our shoot.

Nicknamed “Donald”, the bear was flanked by the brand’s co-founders James Watt and Martin Dickie dressed as Trump – sporting platinum blonde/orange wigs and extra-long red ties for a series of photos and a campaign video explaining the concept. We also photographed the bottle in a block of ice for lifestyle pack shots… a clear, visual reference to the polar ice caps.

Just hours after our shoot, we went to press with the news of the beer’s launch. As the world lapped up our latest beer, we placed “Donald” in the flagship, Shoreditch bar. We even sent a case to Donald Trump at The White House.


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