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Lavida Food asked Manifest to create a new brand to promote its delicious range of pasta, pates and sauces that also happen to be gluten-free. Lavida had the products ready to go but needed to create a brand that would have stand-out in a market full of 100% natural foods; all saying pretty much the same thing and looking pretty much the same as the last.

We held a Brand Manifesto workshop and using tried and tested methods, we were able to drill down and find the ‘why’ of the brand. From there we developed the brand’s essence, mission, vision & values. After that, we created initial designs and name generation, all stemming from the work done in the workshop.

What we delivered
BrandManifesto, Logo Design, Packaging Design, Brand Guidelines, Art Direction

From the list of names, one stood out above the rest. Liberto was quirky, rolled off the tongue and fit perfectly with our brand essence and strapline. The brand was born. A brand born from love. A brand that exists to improve people’s lives by making nutritious and delicious food available to everyone. A brand that has a love for life. Liberto!

To bring the brand to life, we created stand-out packaging for the pasta, pates and sauces. The logo was foil-pressed to the packs gave a premium feel which was played off by the irreverent tone of voice that kept the brand’s feet on the ground. We added fun touches to the pack copy such as a little message under the flap that can only be read once it’s open (you’ll have to buy one to find out…) and commissioned beautiful food photography to complete the picture.

Throughout the project, we were keen to create something that didn’t look or feel like a gluten-free brand; a large part of the research indicated that those on a gluten-free diet often felt restricted with what they could eat, that they had to compromise on taste. Liberto is gluten-free food, but not as you know it.

The packaging was only a small part of the Liberto project which saw us create a full set of brand guidelines, website and sales collateral for the food brand.

Bulking up the Liberto range with Organic Protein Shakes

Following the launch of Liberto, Lavida Food asked us once more to help them with their next venture – a range of delicious organic & gluten-free protein shakes.

Lavida briefed us to bring these to life the same way we did with their pasta, pates and sauces before them – pushing the boundaries on what gluten-free (and protein powders) look like. And that we did, mixing natural textures with bold use of colour and mouth-watering photography to give these packs true stand out.

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