Natural Feeling

Launching the world’s
first all-natural
crowdfunding campaign


The Swedish all-natural grocery store Paradiset Matmarknad is on a mission to change the food industry in Sweden. This industry is very controversial, unmodern and profit-driven in general, but Paradiset want to change this by focusing 100% on natural, local and organic food. No compromises.

Paradiset asked Manifest to build a communications strategy for their first crowdfunding campaign launching during the fall of 2017. We wanted to make a big bang about this, addressing the obvious fact that every Swede should have the right to easily access natural food – no unnecessary additives that your local grocery store is stuffed with. Our objective was to mark the start towards a higher industry standard and to make this change with the Swedish people. Everyone was invited to be part of the movement and to make an investment in a business that is opting for a change for the better.

We kicked off the campaign by writing a letter from Paradisets CEO Johannes Cullberg that was sent to the CEO of Sweden’s largest grocery store chain ICA asking him to ‘wake the f*ck up’ and to join our mission towards a higher industry standard. We also created a kit of an all natural, organic juice and a test tube labelled with the chemical additives “regular” juice contains, this was sent to carefully selected influencers and opinion makers in Sweden.

Social media was pampered with advocacy messages and when the crowdfunding campaign opened the first million was reached within minutes, and the financial minimum goal of 8 million SEK was smashed within an hour. When the campaign closed 30 days later the campaign had hit all the records on the crowdfunding platform FundedByMe and Paradiset had more than 5 000 new shareholders that invested just over 21 million SEK into the business. The news quickly spread all over Sweden and it was a fact that the world’s first crowdfunded grocery store Paradiset had written crowdfunding history in Sweden.


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