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Despite podcasts becoming increasingly popular amongst all age groups, gaming brands were yet to enter the space as a format for community communication – enter Logitech G.

We worked with Logitech G to launch the UK’s first gaming podcast: Game Changers.

The podcast bought together 12 influencers from across the industry to talk about key issues in the gaming community and have some difficult conversations.

Each episode focused on a specific topic and the ways in which the industry can work to change stigmas, drive change and do better.

Our episodes focused on:

  • How gaming can have a positive impact on mental health
  • Why people should try and game more green
  • Why the industry needs to become more accessible to disabled gamers
  • Why and how marketing within games can be a positive thing
  • How gamers can monetise their gaming
  • Whether Esports players can be our future Olympians

The content was amplified by the guest speakers on social media, as well as on Logitech G’s social channels, resulting in a combined reach of 1.3 million.

So far, nearly 1 in 7 listeners subscribed to listen to the entire podcast, which has over 50 5* ratings and nearly 40 glowing reviews.

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