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Job Description

Manifest Melbourne is growing and we’re looking for a creative and experienced full-time Senior Account Executive to join our team working across a broad range of accounts. This role would suit someone who loves pitching press and working with influencers, but also having a bit of variety in their day.

We’re a small but mighty team based in Collingwood (a cog in a much bigger wheel of misfits around the world) and looking for someone who wants to join a global team and the opportunity that brings. If you’re experienced and are down to bring your creative A game alongside a little black book of media contacts from across verticals, then we’d love to hear from you.

About Manifest:

We’re an award-winning brand communications agency consisting of a diverse team on a mission to build brands that change the world. We have offices in London, Manchester, Stockholm, New York and our newest in Melbourne — yes we complain about the weather in all of them. We’re never boring, we always buy our round and most of all, we work hard, and we’re nice to people.

What is expected of a Senior Account Executive?

A Senior Account Executive is eager to dip a toe in every fragment of Manifest’s offerings —from traditional PR, to strategy, Branding, digital, content creation, even building out new roles in Manifest. A Senior Account Executive holds the accounts together, ensuring that work completed is innovative, creative and delivered on time.

What does the future hold?

For someone who excels as a Senior Account Executive, the possibilities are endless. In the immediate future, Account Manager/Campaign Manager role follows, extending your responsibilities to your clients and giving you the opportunity to manage your team and account. Beyond AM/CM, you’re prime material for an Account Director where you can more directly help and positively influence the lives of other team members, while building policies and procedures that prevent or eradicate issues from the working environment in Manifest. You will become more involved in new business, actively building the Manifest brand with potential clients. Then, who knows– Business Director, VP? The world is your oyster.

Who are you?

  • You’re organised — You need to be on top of your account organisation, ensuring accounts are in the healthiest state.
  • You are flexible — You understand the nature of this fast-paced industry, always ready to catch that curveball and solution-based when plans change.
  • You’re a team player – You know how to get the best from the team around you to help inform your approach through creative, copywriting, communication, etc.
  • You’re insightful — It should be your job to make sure other members of the agency and clients are kept up to date with the latest, looking at news outlets, social channels, events and report how this affects your clients and industry.
  • You’re result-focused — With all the insights you gather daily, you work hard to incorporate this in your press releases, pitches, reporting, never settling for okay. Always thinking of the next step.
  • You never stop learning — You should always be learning new things surrounding your clients, including attending networking events, training sessions and webinars.
  • Your work is beautiful — You are proud of every piece of work that goes to the team or clients, this includes attention to detail, structures, templates and assets—all you create is bold and brilliant.
  • You are a social butterfly — You should be emailing and stalking journalists, inviting them to meet for a coffee and chatting our clients up. You are constantly building your lil’ black book of contacts that is crucial for our clients and your career.
  • You’re THAT Senior Account Executive — People should know you as someone that is reliable, dedicated to your work and team. They should want to come to you for advice and ask “how did you do that” – your network is important to build early, for your future success in the industry.
  • You’re always looking to improve — You should be pushing teams to look at new processes and better ways to do things… you push yourself, setting new objectives, finding a niche you are excited about and pushing the creative envelope, to ensure everything you deliver is exceptional.
  • You’re experienced — We’re looking for someone who has been in the industry for 3-5 years.


We have thrown out the rule book when it comes to corporate benefits and instead built a program that helps support happiness at home and at work. We call it Manifest Balance.
Our benefits are not only incentives to join, but catalysts for lifestyle changes, support during the bad times and the good and just fun things to bring the team together. They include:

  • Unlimited holiday
  • Parental leave
  • Ticket to Manifest’s yearly ‘Manifestival’
  • Fitness & wellbeing classes
  • International secondments (Covid-permitting…)
  • INCITE membership
  • Training budget
  • Fully flexible working hours and locations
  • And loads more!

Sound interesting? Great.

Apply now with a cover letter and resumé.

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