Social Media Manager

Job Description

What is expected of a Social Media Manager?

By providing an organised, authoritative, and creative presence on both client and agency side,
a Social Media Manager is expected to operate as a strategic thinker, content creative and ‘nose
in the newsfeed’ doer. Working independently and as part of a team is necessary.
This role is a specialist within the agency so is expected to bring specific knowledge and
experience to every task or opportunity. The ability to clearly articulate the opportunity with
social media, how an idea or campaign will work, and what impact it will have for a client, is very

Through knowledge and passion for industry and excitement for the clients we work with, it is
expected that a Social Media Manager is constantly pushing us forward and making people in
and around the agency excited about what we can achieve and create via social media.
Our approach to digital sees us consider the full channel mix and opportunity for clients. An
understanding of – or desire to grow knowledge of – how social media connects to paid,
influencer, search, ecommerce, and other relevant channels is desired.

Key responsibilities: 

  • Be the gatekeeper for all things social media within the agency – including but not
    exclusive to planning, briefing / production, execution, and reporting of social media work
  • Act as both an analytical and creative mind, using creativity, performance, and insights
    (client, category and culture) to inform ideas, innovation and execution
  • Consistently ideate and drive both drumbeat and campaign work forward with the
    strongest ideas, ways of working and execution possible to achieve client goals
  •  Drive our reactive process. Using the latest trending topics, news agenda, culture
    moments, and social listening to identify and activate social-first ideas as speed and that
    cut through
  • Populate plans and proposals in response to client briefs, delivering them against internal
    and external deadlines and approval processes
  • Write engaging and social-first copy to support our content plans and campaigns. Use
    both strong social-first parlance and client’s own tone of voice to craft what to say and
    how to perfectly say it
  • Scheduling content on all client and Manifest social accounts.
  • End-to-end management of client work, consulting on and responding to client feedback
    to improve and develop best-in-class social media work
  • Ensure account and campaign teams understand the work we do and the social ideas and
    plans we provide, offering guidance and additional translation of ideas if needed
  • Suggest ideas, builds and new ways of working above and beyond our scope of work to
    drive new revenue opportunities with current client base
  • Take an active role in the new business process, delivering research and social ideation
    as part of planning through to presenting work in new business pitches
  • Support the Digital & Content Strategy Director and senior management team in
    identifying areas for social (and wider digital) innovation – from exploring new channels,
    formats, strategies and tactics to improve our client work to adopting new services to
    build our digital proposition internally
  • Support the Digital Content Strategy Director in building the digital and content team.
  • Support junior executives, helping to shape their career around their unique skillset and
  • Live and breathe Manifest’s unification principles on a daily basis – delivering work that
    can easily be defined as something only Manifest could do

What does good look like?

  • 3 or more years’ experience working in social media (agency-side experience preferable)
    with experience/knowledge in paid media and influencer marketing also desirable.
  • A specialist – you will have an excellent working understanding of the social media
    industry, platforms, and content formats that deliver amazing results.
  • You have your finger on the pulse – the social media landscape is forever in flux and new
    innovations and opportunities occur every day. This should be a source of excitement for
    you, and you need to stay ahead of cultural and digital trends to be able to turn them into
    opportunities for clients.
  • You’re a source of inspiration – through passion and knowledge, you inspire people to be
    better by always improving and delivering the best possible quality. This includes non-
    digital natives. Inspire with what is possible!
  • You are an ideas person – we will be working at both a planning and implementation level
    so thinking up big ideas and, importantly, knowing how to land them is very important.
    The ability to think creativity within a group and independently is also important.
  • You’re a content machine – you smash out content at a rate of knots, delivering against
    content and campaign plans within the forecasted time.
  • You enjoy getting your hands dirty – social media is about what is happening in feed right
    now, the detail in production and imagining the big idea. You will enjoy getting stuck in.
  • You are all about quality – although you’re quick to deliver work, you don’t ever cut
    corners and refuse to let anything under-par ever pass to the client service team
  • You have pride in your work – we are excited by our client’s brands and campaigns, and
    we take pride in ensuring everything we do from a single copy line to a global campaign
    is the best it can be.

What does the future hold?

Digital sits at the intersection of creativity, strategy and delivery and you will have the
opportunity to focus your growth on any of these areas as part of the digital team.
We also know the term ‘digital’ is broad. However, that gives you room to explore where you go
next. Social media, content marketing, SEO, organic, paid, publishers, innovation… the list goes
on and you can grow in any or all these disciplines. There is a real opportunity to specialise in
any area to help grow our digital offering further, be that as a Senior Social Media Manager, a
Digital Strategist or something we have not devised yet.

Sounds Interesting? Great.

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