Campaign Manager

Job Description

A Campaign Manager controls campaign delivery from concept to content. Managing the campaign team to kick the shit out of the opportunity to be remarkable, the CM is not only an expert content creator, but also a leader who nurtures creative talent in the junior team.

Responsible for all areas of campaign delivery, the CM collaborates with the AM to populate plans and meet all internal and external deadlines. With a keen eye for quality, the CM maintains standards and pins all our work back to the core campaign strategy.

What is expected of a Campaign Manager?

In this role, you will manage the planning and delivery of all campaign content, working alongside the AM to establish and optimise campaign effectiveness for our clients. As the day-to-day creative lead, a CM needs to bring ideas to the table, combined with the skills to deliver them.

Through interrogating briefs, assigning content creation roles, delivering work within resourced capacity and always seeking ways to innovate and develop the agency’s expertise, a CM is the key controller of creative work for clients.

What does the future hold?

As the custodian of creativity, content and campaign success, you will have the opportunity to either move towards the strategy team, becoming a creative and strategic resource that works across our client portfolio, or to become an Account Director, providing senior counsel to clients on the creative process. As a content and campaign delivery expert, at AD level your experience will be invaluable in ensuring our campaigns not only push creative boundaries but also deliver maximum commercial impact for clients.

Your skillset makes you perfect for delivering the killer ideas for new business pitches and taking the lead on strategic positioning. Beyond AD there’s opportunities to become more specialised as a creative director or media / content / social media strategist, leading the agency in these areas and ensuring the whole team adheres to our creative process and best practice.


We have thrown out the rule book when it comes to corporate benefits and instead built a programme that helps support happiness at home and at work. We call it Manifest Balance.

Our benefits are not only incentives to join, but catalysts for lifestyle changes, support during the bad times and the good and just fun things to bring the team together. They include:

  • Unlimited holiday
  • Industry changing parental leave
  • Health insurance (okay, okay some corporate stuff)
  • Life-change bursary
  • Ticket to Manifest’s yearly ‘Manifestival’
  • Membership to museums, galleries & national parks
  • Fitness & wellbeing classes
  • International secondments (Covid-permitting… eyeroll)
  • Weekly personal trainer programme
  • INCITE membership
  • Training budget
  • Fully flexible working hours and locations
  • And loads more!

Sound interesting? Great.

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