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Job Description

A Manifest Account Manager in a sentence

Your job is to establish, manage and evolve effective relationships with our clients to help our work shine, bring the best out of our team, drive our work forward and kick the shit out of the opportunity to be remarkable.

How does this role support Manifest with its mission?

In order to build brands that change the world, Manifest must perform across four key fields; performance, people, purpose and product. The Account Manager is essential in supporting the product field – ensuring the client experience is always best-in-class and is built on a trusted and consultative relationship.

Where does this role sit within the agency?

An Account Manager sits within the Client Service element of the business. You will work closely with Project Managers to help ensure projects are mapped out and rigorously planned in line with client expectations, whilst taking into account the resource and requirements of the internal team to ensure plans are realistic and can be delivered to budget. Your focus within this duo will be managing the client relationship, whilst the PM will focus on the internal project plan.

You will also work closely with the Creative Production teams to help manage the client relationship whilst campaigns and creative work are executed. It is your job to work closely with them in order to ensure that the client is getting what they need throughout, but also manage the client if elements of the campaign need to change.

From time to time, you will work with Insights/Strategy and Creative teams on the delivery of new business or Frame projects, again owning the client relationship and working closely with the project management team to ensure clients are kept informed and updated throughout the project.

What is expected of an Account Manager?

  • Provide the key point of contact for your clients in all areas of campaign planning, delivery and reporting
  • Communicate ideas, plans and reports to clients with consultancy and consideration, maintaining the creative integrity and reinforcing the commercial impact of our work
  • Act as a representative of the client on campaign teams – ensuring a constant link with client motivations and considerations
  • Maintain the morale and motivation of client teams for the work they undertake
  • Be consulted by project managers on the develop of campaign delivery plans
  • Ensure the client team follows required approval and quality control processes, acting as an enabler for the whole team to treat colleagues as clients
  • Support thorough client onboarding as directed by Client Director
  • Work with project managers and wider team to plan campaign resource around required deliverables and campaign milestones
  • Establish an understanding of and passion for customer industries, and use that insight to motivate, brief and manage campaign teams
  • Build and manage campaign budgets, often in collaboration with Account Directors and Business Directors
  • Be consulted on all campaign work bringing the perspective of the unique and individual concerns of clients
  • Help manage the client relationship when project milestones need to move, or share updates on project line impact if clients fail to meet their own deadlines
  • Cooperate with campaign teams to ensure the required time and resource is available to deliver the best possible work
  • Identify and pursue new revenue opportunities with your client base
  • Take an active role in the new business process
  • Support the senior management team in identifying areas for client service innovation – from developing new products and services to suggesting better ways of working within teams
  • Use time reports and analysis to improve working efficiency, structure and restructure teams and provide advice and guidance for junior team members, helping them to progress and develop
  • Keep billing sheets updated accurately
  • Lead on interagency relationships where appropriate

What does good look like?

  • You are solutions oriented – always approaching an issue or a challenge with a proactive way to overcome it
  • You’ve got good chat – great communication skills are integral to keeping clients and internal teams informed and engaged with all areas of campaign work
  • You’re empathetic – you understand the individual motivations and idiosyncrasies of both clients and colleagues and use that to inform how you work with them to achieve the best possible work. Instead of judging, or making knee-jerk reactions, you are considerate of context and individual pressures, providing feedback and solutions that maintain team motivation
  • You’re a natural leader – far from just managing your team, you keep one eye on their development at all times, helping us to keep and motivate our team, and helping them to progress quickly in their own careers
  • You’re an organization machine – you take the lead in establishing and maintaining team organization, from planning and assigning tasks to monitoring their delivery and keeping clients in the loop on progress
  • You can see the future – you use your experience and intuition to see problems, challenges or issues coming, building a plan to tackle them before they gather momentum

What does the future hold?

For someone who excels as an Account Manager, the possibilities are endless. In the immediate future, an Account Director role beckons, extending your responsibilities to senior clients, adding campaign content quality control and budgeting to daily responsibilities. You can also bring your people skills to ExCo, where you can more directly help and positively influence the lives of other team members while building policies and procedures that prevent or eradicate issues from the working environment at Manifest.

Your skillset makes you perfect for taking on more new business responsibilities, and leading chemistry meetings and pitches. You’re also a great judge of both character and the resource we need in the agency, so being involved in recruitment and team development is a natural fit.

Beyond AD, you’re prime material for a Business Director if your heart lies in improving the business from the inside and helping to rebuild what’s expected of communications agencies. Or you may choose to specialize in client services, taking on a Client Service Director role and building an infrastructure in which Account Managers can grow and excel. Then, who knows – AMs make great MDs and Ops Directors. The world is your oyster.

Essential training

It may be useful to continue your development by enrolling in course/trainings centered around:

  • Management/Leadership
  • Integrated Communications
  • Writing (creative writing, writing for business, etc.)

Sound interesting? Great.

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