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Manifest’s dedicated branding and strategy team is where game-changing brands are born.

It’s not enough for brands to stand for something, they must stand up for it – and our brand services build an identity alongside a Manifesto to equip brands for accelerated growth. Whether you’re a startup looking to make your mark, or a household name needing to adapt to a fast-changing marketplace, our branding team provides expert counsel.

And they make a great cup of tea.


There are three kinds of brand – those surviving, those that are successful and those that are significant. The latter is the end-game for all our branding services. Our brand consultancy is focused not only on helping brands do things better, but helping them to do better things.

Branding + identity

Brand Identity

Brand Manifesto

Naming + IP registration

Brand architecture

Tone of Voice


Mission, Vision, Values development

Recruitment frameworks

Culture strategy

Environment branding

Internal comms frameworks


Proposition evolution

Digital comms transformation

Brand evolution

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